2022 BRAHM Summer Luncheon

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2022 BRAHM Summer Luncheon

Friday, June 24th in the Clubhouse Ballroom


This year's BRAHM Luncheon features textile artist & entrepreneur Rebecca Vizard. Rebecca is known for her hand-made pillows with vintage embroidery that are produced by her company B. Viz Design, located in New Orleans and St. Joseph, Louisiana.


Please visit the event webpage for details about Rebecca Vizard and to purchase your ticket for this popular event.  Tickets must be purchased in advance and through BRAHM. Any questions about this event should also be directed to BRAHM at 828-295-9099 or admin@blowingrockmuseum.orgThank you!

Posted: 5/11/2022 4:50:18 PM by Poplin, Anna

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2022 BRAHM Summer Luncheon
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